Our trademark is vCheep.com (TM), which means “we talk”.

Individual community members are called “Cheepers”.

Each message however small or large is called a “Cheep” (or post).

Join us TODAY and start cheeping and making money.

Steps for each Cheep (post):

  1. Write evergreen content that stays fresh.
  2. Minimum 1000 words – no duplicates – original only.
  3. Minimum 3 photographs – observing any copyright issues.
  4. Minimum 2 videos – observing any copyright issues.
  5. Maximum 2 product links – you keep all the profit.

This is a non-profit making website (only costs for running this community website are kept).

We want our Cheepers to make as much money as possible and grow this tribe.

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The following are our logos:

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