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Issues have been raised relating to the safety information Bayer offered to the FDA and other regulators. You can easily reach the Dothan, Alabama Xarelto personal injury attorneys at the Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm by telephone at (334)699-4625, by email at Aaron@ or visit our website at The Dothan, Alabama Xarelto private injury lawyers at the Hogg & Gartlan Law Firm are ready to work for you and to assist with your burden and stress, which will let you to focus on healing from your individual injuries.

Right after only one year on the market place, Xarelto became the 10th most reported drug to the FDA in the United States for adverse effects, and these numbers are only rising. Gibson asks Byrne about the science behind the drug and how Xarelto differs from the similar drug Coumadin. Byrne explains the lack of regulations on Xarelto and how the companies market place the drug in order to make it appear easier than its competitors. Byrne recommends talking to your doctor if you are currently taking Xarelto in order to have an truthful discussion about concerns and option options.

According to the complaint the defendants, Janssen Study & Improvement and Bayer, concealed their information to individuals and the doctors that Xarelto allegedly causes deadly irreversible bleeds. August 21, 2014 — A Wrongful Death lawsuit has been filed against Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Bayer alleging that Xarelto brought on a 92 year-old man to bleed to death. August 12, 2014 — A lawsuit has been filed in federal court in New York by a Texas lady who created serious bleeding soon after taking Xarelto for a couple of months. Xarelto is a multipurpose medication that has received FDA approval to treat a number of circumstances.

Because it was introduced in 2011, millions of Americans have been prescribed Xarelto to reduce the risk of stroke and blood clots connected with non-valvular antrial fibrillation, to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT), to treat pulmonary embolism (PE) and to minimize the risk of DVT and PE following knee or hip replacement surgery. Nevertheless, with no authorized antidote obtainable to speedily reverse the blood thinning effects of Xarelto, doctors are typically left unable to stop or handle hemorrhages or bleeding that might create amongst users. Xarelto is one particular of the newer oral anticoagulant medications that has been approved by the FDA.

These who have suffered from Xarelto side effects already have sufficient to manage in a health-related sense, so their best course of action is most likely to be getting professional legal aid. If you or someone you adore has been harmed in this manner, contact the Xarelto side effects lawyers at Parilman & Associates right now to schedule a totally free initial consultation. They need to talk to the medical doctor who prescribed Xarelto for you ahead of you have any surgery, healthcare, or dental procedure.

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