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Dr David Warnock-Smith is a Lecturer for the Department cancellation of flights today Logistics Operations and Hospitality Management Here he discusses the air travel hold-up judgment from a Liverpool County Court judge regarding Jet2, which has in turn, opened the way for compensation payments to be paid to all travelers in the EU who have actually experienced prolonged flight delays. This time, there was an ugly delay, where no-one had informes us of why the delay had actually occurred in the very first location, and the departure time kept getting pressed back on the screen without a single explanation from the personnel – i tried asking but they obviously were not notified. The Supreme Court in the UK has said that claims to do with worldwide carriage by air” need to be brought within 2 years.

In a restricted variety of conditions Policy 261/2004 of the European Union (the Policy”) now entitles some influenced clients to a payment when their air travel is delayed over three hours on arrival. Due to the fact that of Ingeniering issues, the air travel were going to take off at 1.25 pm and after we boarded on time for take off the flight was postponed for more than 4 hours. On the transfer back to the airport for a 03:45 flight the bus was turned around and we were informed there would be at least a 12 hour delay.flight delay compensation uk

I have had an email (which ariived after they did finally remove!!) saying that my only rights were to alter the air travel to another day (topic to availabilty) or a refund. Hi – We was because of fly back to Leeds from Palma Majorca with Thomson Airlines at 8pm (household of 6 including two small children) however were informed at 5pm at the hotel reception that the flight was delayed and the coach would not be taking us to the airport and to await more details. This aircraft then made another journey back to Teeside Airport and after that back to Palma prior to our flight removed – more extending our hold-up.

Nevertheless we had learned the original flight from Leeds to Palma the previous morning had been severely delayed due to a technical fault and they had to find an alternative aircraft at Manchester airport. I wrote to Thomson who validated the hold-up was because of a technical fault on an earlier air travel, not the industrial action as per the letter, but they were covered by the extraordinary circumstances provision and would not pay. We were informed we would be given hotel accommodation which our flight would leave at 6am, 21 hours later than scheduled.

They sent me a text 2 hours into the delay informing me of the hold-up and to watch the screens for further details. Yes they deduct 25 % of payment however to me its free cash, and most importantly, TC have currently validated they will certainly settle the claim. My return air travel from the faroe islands was delayed by 3 1/2 hours and for that reason impacted my flight from london later on that day back home, I needed to alter my flight time and generally purchase a new ticket on a later flight. I’ve emailed the airline company in the Faroe Islands re a payment claim (judgment eu261).

Hello there Cathy, i was questioning if you can provide me any recommendations on declaring compensation back after our air travel to leave on honeymoon was cancelled. After another amount of time (at least another hour) the airline revealed to us that the closest replacement part was in amsterdam and by the time it was flown in the airline personnel would be over there hours and we would not be able to make it to atlanta in time and so the flight was cancelled. The thomson’s lady was so dissatisfied for us and said to come into the travel agents when we got house and they would arrange compensation for us.

Not understanding exactly what his insurance cover is I would however be amazed if there was anything that would cover such conditions as acts of terrorism are generally beyond normal cover here in the UK. I’m not exactly sure if it is the very same in Australia, so you would have to check his policy. Hi, British Airways have actually declined my claim for EU compensation mentioning ‘airfield constraints’ as the cause.